When Team Aqua and Team Magma fight to get control of the legendary Red and Blue orb's. Maxie gets his team and Arcie gets his team to have a legacy fight to get control of the might earth Pokemon and the sea lord (Groudon & Kyogre).
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 ninja tommy21 pics

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ninja tommy21

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eevew moves any move mew knows and the lv he learns it and any move eevee knows learned when he learns it

Waveon, Evolution of Vaporeon, only knows moves vaporeon knows evolves from vaporeon at lv 75

Volteon, Evolution of Jolteon , only knows moves vaporeon knows evolves from vaporeon at lv 75

It's a combo of Groudon, Aggron and Rhyperior it uses i move from each pokemon u pick the fourth move is one upick from any of the 3 at lv 84

can use the moves of who it looks like at the same lv but at lv 34 it learns thunder shock evolves at lv.47
pre of
knows what rampardose knows but it may know lightning shock

Stegus the Thunder Tail pokemon. [Elec/Rock] (Plate Fossil)
This prehistoric Pokemon uses the forked horns on it's tail to arch devastating charges of electricity at foes.knows bite and tackle at lv 1.tail whip at lv 7.rock through at lv. 17. evolves into stomegus at lv.20

Stormegus the Thunder Tail pokemon. [Elec/Rock] (Evolves from Stegus)
This prehistoric Pokemon stomps the ground with it's thunderous feet to cycle electricity drawn in from the air by the plates on it's back down in to it's massive tail.stomp at lv.23 thunder at lv.29. zenheadbut at lv. 78

Statipi the Glow-Worm Pokemon. [Bug/Elec]
This Pokemon comes out mostly at night, using the glowing ball on the end of it's tail to illuminate it's way through the darkness.

Staticoon the Glow-Bug Pokemon. [Bug/Elec]
This Pokemon moves as little as possible using the glowing ball on the top of it's head to pulse in the dark to attract other Pokemon.

Statimoth the Glow-Bug Pokemon. [Elec/Fly]
These Pokemon create dazzling light shows in the sky when they swarm at night. Often people have been fooled in to thinking they are witnessing a meteor shower.

Darvae the Night Crawler Pokemon [Bug/Drk]
These bug Pokemon come out only at night, crawling along the forest floor in search of dead leaves to eat. When threatened they curl in to a tight ball to protect their head.

Noctupae the Night Crawler Pokemon [Bug/Drk]
This Pokemon is very mobile in it's cocooned body, curling up in to a ball to roll away from danger or to protect itself with it's hard shell.

Teramoth the Eye Spot Pokemon. [Fly/Drk]
This pokemon used the eye spots on it's wings and gapping mouth pattern to trick predators, intimidating them to frighten them away.







And my Favorite...

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ninja tommy21 pics
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