When Team Aqua and Team Magma fight to get control of the legendary Red and Blue orb's. Maxie gets his team and Arcie gets his team to have a legacy fight to get control of the might earth Pokemon and the sea lord (Groudon & Kyogre).
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PostSubject: Biography's   Tue Dec 02, 2008 5:27 pm

Okay I'm noticing that the admins that are posting the biography's don't know how to!
- You need to have all of the player information. You also need to have a picture for the person. (If you don't know how to post a picture pm me please)
- It would need to look a little like this:

Name: Gasha
Nickname: Maxie
Position: Magma Leader
Gender: Male
Location: Route 1

- Then for the items as well it need to look like this:

Money: 15,000
14 Poké Ball
10 Gréat Ball
7 Ultra Ball[/center]

- Now for the Pokemon! Admins are having the most trouble with this! You need to have all of this information like this. EXACTLY PLEASE. Admins that don't do them like this will not be able to post biography no more okay Again if you don't know how to post images tell me!
Here is a great page to get the images an Pokemon information!


Strength None; Cuteness None; Smartness None; Captured Ball; Location Captured Fire Town;Species Seed; Type/; Level 35; Experience 3/35 Ability Drought; Height 11''5.8″; Weight 2094.4 lbs.


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