When Team Aqua and Team Magma fight to get control of the legendary Red and Blue orb's. Maxie gets his team and Arcie gets his team to have a legacy fight to get control of the might earth Pokemon and the sea lord (Groudon & Kyogre).
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 Team Magma

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Team Magma Base

Grunt_Lue: Excuse me sire! But our headquarters are under attack, by our number one foe Team Aqua. Our best people found that they send a jet and bombed us.
Gasha: Well don’t stand their take care of it!
Grunt_Lue: Ohh and you may want to now, that place they bombed it’s were you have Groundon?
Gasha: What! Did you say!!!
Grunt_Lue: That they bomed Grou-nn-d-oo…..
Gasha: And did they took him or what did they want?
Grunt_Lue: The scientist say hes okay but they found that the Blue orb was stolen.
Gasha: Get out of my way
Grunt_Lue: Sorry boss...wait were are you going?
Gasha: Revenge Twisted Evil

Hometown:Fire Town

Narrator: Gasha was flying in a plain with his best squad of people side by him to were the attacked area was.
Commander_James: Hey Gasha their reporting that they have captured 2 of Team Aquas people?
Gasha: Where are they?
Commander_James: Their being held in Firetown?
Gasha: Change course!
Commander_James: You heard the boss Pilot change the course.
Pilot: Yes Sir
Commander_James: Were here sir!

Scientist_Kevin: It's an honer to finally meet to Gasha my name is Kevin im the head scie......
Gasha: No time for that take me to that trashed Team Aqua!
Scientist_Kevin: Yes Sir Sorry.....Fallow Me
Narrator: Kevin Took Gasha and James to a hidden house up in the hill of FireTown. Meanwhile the rest of the team asked the civilians what they say or are they hiding any other Team Aqua members.
Scientist_Kevin: Here they are!
Gasha: So you are the "Might Team Aqua", hahahaha you just look like trash to me. So what did you have here for
Aqua Member_1: Nothing
Gasha: So you don't talk much uh! So what are your names?
Aqua Member_2:......
Gasha: James bring out my charizard!
Commander_James: Yes sir.......Go Charizard
Charizard: Charrrrrrr
Gasha: So what were you looking for and what are your names?
Aqua Member_2: We just wanted to now were you lived...jejeje
Gasha: Charizard let them now the true Power of fire!
Aqua Member_1: Nooooo...My name is Ha....
Aqua Member_2: Dont tell Him!
Aqua Member_1: Our names are Halku and Jesen, we were looking for the blue orb
Scientist_Kevin: Oh yes here you go Gasha they had the Blue orb with them.
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Team Magma
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