When Team Aqua and Team Magma fight to get control of the legendary Red and Blue orb's. Maxie gets his team and Arcie gets his team to have a legacy fight to get control of the might earth Pokemon and the sea lord (Groudon & Kyogre).
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 How To Experience Up?

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How To Experience Up? Empty
PostSubject: How To Experience Up?   How To Experience Up? I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 27, 2008 5:08 pm

As your battling a pokemon you either can choose to capture it or defeat it to get experience. If you want experience you have to defeat it until i have 0% life points

Let continue......
With the other that your battling a Magikarp....Since you found a Magikarp you post
Go charmander lvl 1 2 3 4 or whatever....
then you post go charmander use scratch (since it's the only move it knows right now)

Then someone will post charmander did 12% damage
Magikarp used Splash and did 0%
Charmander 100%
Magikarp 78%

Then you post again go Charmnder use Scratch...
Then again someone will post charmander did a critical hit!
and Magikarp did slpash wich has no effect
Charmander 100%
Magikarp 14%

Then you post charmander use scratch....
Then someone will post
Charmnder wiped out its Foe....
You win and you get 1.5 Note (It's only half of what the pokemon you defeated level was)
You get 1.5 ex
Then me or a Mod will modify your Bio
If you have Ex: 0/2 Now, you have 1.5/2

How To Level Up
If you get to 2/2 in your experience your Pokemon level ups and know it would be 0/3 since your pokemon is level 3 and so on.
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How To Experience Up?
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