When Team Aqua and Team Magma fight to get control of the legendary Red and Blue orb's. Maxie gets his team and Arcie gets his team to have a legacy fight to get control of the might earth Pokemon and the sea lord (Groudon & Kyogre).
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 How To Catch A Pokemon?

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PostSubject: How To Catch A Pokemon?   How To Catch A Pokemon? I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 27, 2008 3:17 pm

Okay to catch a Pokemon the first ting you need to now is were you are. For example, if your in route 2. Your topic subject would be Gasha In Route 2.
Okay to start you will post, if your Pokemon is a charmander you would put the following.

I was walking down route 2 when all of a sudden a ____ jumped at me out of the water?

Then someone will post It was a Magikarp lvl 3 Female.

Note Only Global Moderators can post shiny Pokemons. If someone not a mod or an admin post you found a shiny OR Rare Pokemon you are going to get that Pokemon taken away.

Okay then for the battle
Since you found a Magikarp you post
Go charmander lvl 1 2 3 4 or whatever....
then you post go charmander use scratch (since it's the only move it knows right now)

Then someone will post charmander did 12% damage
Magikarp used Splash and did 0%
Charmander 100%
Magikarp 78%

Then you post again go Charmnder use Scratch...
Then again someone will post charmander did a critical hit!
and Magikarp did slpash wich has no effect
Charmander 100%
Magikarp 14%

Then you post go Pokeball
Then someone will post You trew a pokeball and it dinged once it dinged twice
Congratulation you captured a Magikarp lvl 3 Female

The This time me or a Mod or Admin will post you new Pokemon in your Biography.
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How To Catch A Pokemon?
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